ADD – EU caves to China

Good News! The EU ADD investigation is now over.

The EU have been investigating an anti-dumping complaint made by the ‘Agglomerated Stone Association of Europe’ who alleged that Chinese stone manufacturers were exporting record amounts of stone and flooding the European market, leaving little or no chance for European firms to compete.

By letter dated 18 February 2014 addressed to the Commission, the complainant withdrew this complaint and as of today 13.05.2014 the investigation has been terminated with no ADD applied.

The EC have today released the below announcement to the Press:

“The anti-dumping proceeding concerning imports into the Union of tiles and other articles of flat surface, blocks and slabs of artificial stone bound by resins or of an agglomeration of stone and/or glass and/or mirror bound by resins originating in the People’s Republic of China and currently falling under CN codes ex 6810 11 90, ex 6810 19 00, ex 6810 91 00, ex 6810 99 00, ex 7016 10 00, ex 7016 90 40, ex 7016 90 70 and ex 7020 00 80 is hereby terminated.”

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