Asian longhorn beetle threat – update

Asian longhorn beetle threat – update

The Forestry Commission has issued an update regarding the Asian Longhorn Beetle Threat.

This update includes a handy list of checks that can be performed along with contact details for the Forestry Commission should evidence of these beetles be found.

To view a copy of this update in PDF format, please click here.

For reference, please find below the original flyer that was sent back in March:-


From 02/04/2013 HM Revenue & Customs will hold ALL containers of stone products originating from China under commodity heading 2514, 2515, 2516, 6801 or 6802.

HM Revenue & Customs will not release any of these consignments until they have completed the full examination which takes roughly 2-3 days although this is subject to change.

The cause of this sudden measure is due to an outbreak of the Asian longhorn beetle (ALB), an exotic beetle pest which could have severe consequences for British trees. It is thought the beetles originated from wood packaging used to import stone from China at an adjacent industrial site. The new legislation is initially said to be in force for two years.

Asian long-horned beetle

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Forestry Commission – Asian longhorn beetle