Easter Italian and Spanish Service Disruption and Warehouse Closures


We have been advised of severe disruption on the Italian groupage service with rail infrastructure works planned to commence from 08.04.22 until the 25.04.22.

The main rail line is also set to close on the 14.04.22 to the 18.04.22.

These infrastructure works and rail closures will further interrupt this service with additional train cancelations expected over the coming weeks.

The recent fuel strikes in Spain have now officially ended, however, huge backlogs remain in place until the haulage industry returns to normal working practice.

In addition, please see our warehouse closing times for Spain and Italy.

Italian Warehouse – Monday 18.04.22

Spanish Warehouse – Thursday 14.04.22 till Monday 17.04.22

Delays to our Groupage service are therefore to be expected over the Easter period, however we will endeavour to keep you informed of your planned collections and departures dates.

We hope you understand this situation has been beyond our control, and if you require any further information, please do not hesitate to contact your operatorial handler.