Gotthard Tunnel Delays – Update

Gotthard Tunnel Delays – Update

Following the incident in the Gotthard Tunnel on 10.08.2023 (, the SBB Infrastructure Manager has announced that a single tube of the Gottard Base Tunnel (GBT) will be operational again at 00:01am on 23.08.2023.

The second tube will remain closed for a longer period and there is currently no confirmed timeframe for this to reopen.

To be able to guarantee the necessary safety standards the Swiss Transportation Safety Investigation Board (STSB) have advised that it could be several months before the tunnel is fully operational again.

Concerted efforts are being made to limit the disruption caused by the tunnels closure by re-routing passenger trains and the single tube being opened on 23.08.2023 being exclusively for freight passage.

The capacity of the trains that will be able to continue to use the single tube is still to be determined and we will update further once this information is published.

Alternative freight routes are available and we are working closely with suppliers to ensure that the these are accessible to our clients.

We do expect to see increased transit times for multimodal shipments that utilise the rail network as a result of these issues.

Neptune continues to take bookings as normal and will ensure that shipments are placed on the routing with the shortest available transit time.

We will continue working closely with our service providers to ensure alternative and quickest routings are secured for all traffic. We will ensure you are updated once further information is available.

If you have any questions regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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