Brexit Updates

Transport Committee Launches Inquiry into Freight and Brexit.

The Parliamentary Transport Committee has launched an inquiry into the impact that Brexit will have on the Freight Industry and has issued a call for evidence to be submitted to them.

Neptune Shipping Agency Ltd has submitted our thoughts and opinions to this Select Committee on the best way they can look to prepare this industry for the changes we could experience. The deadline for this is Friday 08.06.2018, with parties from across the industry looking to make submissions for consideration.  

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This Committee has advised that they will not be considering border and custom arrangements, trade deals or tariffs as it falls outside of the remit. In our submission, Neptune has urged them to reconsider this stance as we feel it is a blinkered approach that limits the understanding the Committee will gain of both the import and export process.


As always our clients are our utmost priority and therefore have prioritised your needs by focusing on promoting as smooth a process as possible following Brexit, to ensure unnecessary delays and extended transit times are avoided at all costs.