High Winds Forecast Today

High Winds are forecast across the UK today which will result in the ports ceasing operations if windspeeds exceed 45 mph.

Winds at the Port of Felixstowe are forecast to reach speeds of 55 mph at the heights the cranes operate.
Strong winds are also forecast at Liverpool and London Gateway which could see operations slow down, causing a delay to vessels discharging their cargo.

The ports of Felixstowe, Liverpool, London Gateway, Southampton and Tilbury Docks cease crane and port operations once windspeeds reach 45 mph.

Port closures may have an impact on deliveries, vessels discharging cargo and container restitutions. Should your shipments be affected in any way we will update you as soon as possible.

We are working closely with our hauliers at any affected ports to mitigate any delays to scheduled deliveries and restitutions.

If you have any questions regarding this then please do not hesitate to contact us.