International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day

This weekend, on 28.1.24 is International Reducing CO2 Emissions Day.

This week at Neptune to recognise this we have been taking some bold step towards a greener future by actively participating in a series of sustainability initiatives.

Carpooling Challenge:

Our employees were encouraged to carpool where possible to reduce our carbon footprints, contributing to a more sustainable commute.

Power Down Initiative:

We collectively embraced energy efficiency by turning off computers, screens, lights, and unnecessary electrical appliances when not in use. Small actions, big impact!

Reusable Bottle Drive:

Minimising waste has become a habit as our team utilised refillable bottles, reducing the need for constant washing and re-boiling of kettles.

Local and Fresh:

Supporting local businesses and promoting a healthier lifestyle, our workspace was filled with local sourced fresh fruits and vegetables throughout the week.

Weather-Wise Wardrobe:

Employees also played their part in energy conservation by dressing appropriately for the weather, which reduced our energy requirements.

These initiatives reflect our ongoing obligation to sustainability and aligns with our commitment to corporate social responsibility.