Lunar New Year 2021

Lunar New Year is a traditional holiday period in the Far East meaning that factories and offices across China and other countries will be closed.

Traditionally there is a rush for bookings ahead of the start of the new Lunar Year as factories close for several weeks to ensure their workers are able to visit their families for the holiday period.

12.02.2021 will mark the start of the Chinese Year of the Ox.

The Government published Lunar New Year holiday lasts seven days and will start on 11.02.2021 and last until 17.02.2021.

Preparations for the New Year are due to begin on 04.02.2021 and holidays could last until the Lantern Festival which will be held on 26.02.2021.

With the ongoing space constraints out of the Far East carriers could continue to see overbookings on vessels from the Far East.

Carriers also introduce blank sailings to ensure that all vessels are as full as possible when they depart.

Should you have any orders that are due to be ready ahead of 04.02.2021 and need to sail before this holiday, please notify us as soon as possible so space is secured.

If you require a quote from the Far East please do not hesitate to contact us and we will be able to assist you.