Novel Coronavirus

Following the Lunar New Year Holidays that were celebrated in the Far East at the end of January the Chinese Government extended the holiday to 09.02.2020 in an effort to contain the virus.

Whilst China was officially due to return to work on Monday 10.02.2020 many businesses have postponed this to try and contain the outbreak. For more information on this please go to the following link.

These closures could result in disruptions to the supply chain with a risk that goods may not be ready in time to meet the planned vessel schedules. Following the anticipated CNY blank sailings, further vessels have been removed from the carriers sailing schedules out of Far East Ports.

Transhipment Ports from both the Far and Middle East, such as Colombo and Tanjung Pelepas, will also be impacted by this with a back log of containers waiting on the port side for shipment to the UK.

During this difficult time for our partners and other businesses in China we remain respectful of the constraints laid upon them in order to ensure they and their families remain healthy and safe.

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