EU Customs Clearance

The Brexit Transition Period has now concluded and a new customs border has been formed between the UK and the EU from 1st January 2021.

To move goods across this new UK-EU border, a customs declaration for your imports or exports will have to be submitted to HM Revenue & Customs.

Neptune will manage all of this complexity for you and submit your customs declarations to HMRC on your behalf. We can help you understand exactly what you need to do under the regulations, and assist with the challenges of moving goods in a post Brexit environment.

We can assist with both export and import clearances whether or not your freight is placed with our company. Neptune has a network of agents across Europe which undertake the export clearance side and a full in-house Customs Clearance and Port Health team for the import declarations.

The Brexit deal struck dictates that Import VAT is now applicable on the cost of freight and the value of goods. This amount will be taken against your deferment if you have one set up with HMRC, alternatively you can have the use of our deferment at a cost of £25.00 or at 1.5% whichever is greater.

HMRC have also offered Post Vat Accounting. The official guidance on how the PVA works can be obtained the links below:

If you want to use the PVA as explained in the links, you just need to give us your written confirmation and we can make the adjustments at this end.

Booking with us is easy, you just need to clarify your position on the deferment, PVA and complete our standing authority form.

We will send you the C88 and E2 documents along with our VAT invoice if you use our deferment, likewise if you choose the PVA or have your own deferment, these documents will also be sent as part of our service too.

Import clearances can be arranged from countries on a worldwide basis, and since the transition period ended, we can now offer the below services as well.

UK to EU and also
from/to NI and also
via NI and
cross trade

Please do not hesitate to contact us should you require any quotations or assistance.