Bilbao Port Strikes

The Docker Union in Bilbao have issued an official planned strike notification from 8th to 28th August 2020.

This is expected to cause congestion at the ports and will likely have a detrimental effect on transit times, with vessels being unable to secure berthing slots due to the extended loading time required as a result of reduced working hours.

The precise impact this will have on the trans-shipment of goods from road trailers to mafis and containers onto ships is unknown at this stage
Nevertheless, we have been advised that talks are progressing well between the union and terminal operator and we remain optimistic that an agreement will be reached before the commencement of any strike action

Please also note that goods may be shipped via alternative longer routes in order to circumvent goods being held if the strikes do proceed as planned.

As always, we will endeavour to keep any delays to a minimum and will keep you fully informed should any of your shipments be directly affected.