Why Neptune?

Neptune Shipping Agency Ltd. was incorporated in 1957 and we are proud of the vast amount of knowledge and experience we have gained in international freight.

In 1969 we began to handle our first volume shipments of full containers to and from the US. Now we have become a major player in two key areas:

1 Shipping of containerized cargo throughout the world, both full containers (FCL) and less than full loads (LCL). And Customs clearance of non EU consignments.

2 European Trailer groupage operations with over 100 trailers arriving and departing the UK bound for most of the major European cities each week.


The move, from London in 1990 to our HQ in East Cornwall was timely. Lower overheads and a dedicated, committed workforce ensured that additional resources could be invested in the firm’s data processing and consignment tracking systems and, crucially in staff training. During the early 1990’s Neptune concluded that the imminent construction of the Channel Tunnel would be the turning point for the movement of cargo throughout Europe. We then invested further capital into specialised rail/multi-modal containers transiting across Europe. Neptune was one of the first to commence using the rail tunnel in March `94 for commercial freight traffic.


In 1995 Neptune was the first Forwarder to introduce regular daily departures by rail via the Tunnel to and from Spain, then later from other EU countries such as Italy, France, Germany, and the Benelux. These multimodal services continue today with our traditional role of driver accompanied trailer operations to and from all of Europe. While Europe is very important to us, it is by no means the whole story. In deep sea shipping worldwide, our rates to and from Europe, China and Asia, the Americas, the Middle East and Australasia are well known for their competitiveness. Shipments especially from the Far East have seen explosive growth since the early 90’s.


With over 60 years of offering marine all risks cover we are happy to discuss potential freight risks and liabilities, while at the same time minimizing the chances of claims arising by maintaining world-class standards in operational integrity. This ethos pervades the whole organization and is a requirement throughout our extensive links to overseas agents situated in all major trading areas of the world. We now number over 40 employees, each one imbued with the knowledge that you, our Customers, actual and potential, are at the top of our organisational tree, and that everything we do is guided by the first principle that throughout Neptune we all directly or indirectly exist to serve you to the utmost of our capacity

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Leading Force

We are the leading force in the shipping industry


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Neptune is a proven, progressive, responsive, and reliable company 


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Our clients enjoy regularly updated and accurate status reports 


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We have multi-lingual staff who are able to deal directly with your overseas suppliers 


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Worldwide Order Processing

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Trading Bodies

We are members to various trading bodies such as BIFA / TTA/ SFGB / FIATA/ TGOFF 


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All our staff members are highly motivated and knowledgeable


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