Products of Animal Origin (POAO)

Goods derived from animals or containing ingredients derived from animals are known as products of animal origin (POAO). These can include foods for direct human consumption and by-products.

Importers must follow detailed procedures for certain types of POAO. Evidence of specific veterinary or health checks need to be provided to ensure products are allowed entry into the UK. Depending on classification, other documentation may be required.

If you intend to import POAO entry requirements should be carefully checked before the goods are transported, as consignments rejected by port health will either need to be re-exported or destroyed.

In general, POAO from outside of the EU must be from an approved supplier. Most consignments will require a Veterinary Health Certificate to accompany the goods. Additionally, a Common Veterinary Entry Document (CVED) will be required; this is produced in the UK before arrival and is then verified by the port health authority.

On arrival at the border, the paperwork and goods will be checked by the port health authority. Overall, three checks will be completed at the Border Inspection Post (BIP) before goods can be released:

  • Document Check – to ensure any heath certification and associated documents are provided and correct 
  • Identity Check – to ensure the goods are the same as those on the paperwork
  • Physical Check – a physical examination of the shipment

For more information on regulations for POAO please speak our in-house Customs Clearance and Port Health department.