Organic Products

Imports of organic products are subject to border controls to ensure that organic consignments comply with organic product standards. These standards need to be met for products to be legally sold as organic in the UK. This is for the protection of manufacturers and consumers.

All food and feed imported as organic and intended for consumption must comply with this legislation. 

Present legislation requires the presentation of organic certification which is subsequently verified (subject to an additional verification fee) by the relevant port health authority at the border before the goods are released into free circulation.

Currently this certification is the electronic Certificate of Inspection (e-CoI) which is produced via TRACES NT (Trade Controls and Expert System). Although this is an electronic system, a printed original Certificate of Inspection which is stamped and signed by the issuing authority is required to be presented to the port health authority for verification.

All organic imports are subject to the documentary check. Some imports will also be selected for further identity checks and/or physical examination to ratify the goods comply with regulations. 

UK importers are required to be registered with TRACES NT to enable the notification and endorsement of organic consignments.
For more information on organic regulations please speak our in-house Customs Clearance and Port Health department.

Further guidance can also be obtained from the Department for Environment, Food & Rural Affairs (DEFRA):