Quotation Terms & Conditions

All Instructions are accepted subject to the Standard Trading Conditions of the British International Freight Association. These are shown on the reverse of this document, or via http://www.nsa.com

1. General (all quotations)…
1. a) Marine Insurance Cover
We do not insure unless instructed to do so in writing. Therefore unless specifically stated in our Quotation, or you have a separate cover arrangement confirmed in writing from us, you should assume that Marine Insurance cover is not included. Depending on the type of cargo, nature of risk and the locations, we can normally offer Institute Cargo Clause A marine insurance which is subject to a £200.00 excess. These terms can vary to match your needs. We can arrange such cargo insurance at competitive rates. If we are asked to provide marine insure cover on your behalf our rates apply to cargo shipped on vessels of 15 years or less in age and with a valid International Safety Management (ISM) Code or compliance certificate. Shipments on older vessels or otherwise outside of scope may be subject to a surcharge (please check when confirming your booking). Consignments shipped by airfreight, full container or groupage container, then devanned and delivered on trailer are subject to a 10% surcharge. It is in your interest to make a regular periodic risk assessment prior to booking.


1. b) Rate Changes
We try to give at least 30 days notice of any changes to our quotes. However due to variables outside of our control such as exchange rate, oil prices, force- majeure issues etc., our quotes may be subject to change without notice. Our quotations may already indicate the existence of ancillary charges such as CAF (Currency Adjustment Factor), BAF (Bunker Adjustment Factor), GRI (General Rate Increase) FAF (Fuel Adjustment Factor), fuel surcharge and other surcharges. These can fluctuate with little or no notice.


1. c) ISPS Code Compliance, Security Threats and Legal Issues Major Ports, Terminals, Warehouses, Shipping Lines worldwide are having ISPS (International Ship and Port facility Security) legislation enacted by Government Directive. Compliance charges vary from zero up to a maximum of (currently) £16.00 per container unit for Imports and £7.00 for Exports in UK. Similar fees are being levied overseas. Our quotations normally include these charges, but there may be slight variations at the time of shipment. If there is concern that a consignment we handle may have legal/security implications we are duty bound to report the matter to the relevant statutory bodies.


1. d) Payment Terms
All Duties and Taxes are payable immediately. Service charges are also payable immediately unless a credit facility has been confirmed in writing. If a credit facility is in place, this should be regarded as a privilege and not a right. If credit facilities are granted these should be confirmed in writing and are constantly monitored and may be reduced or withdrawn with little or no notice depending on prevailing circumstances. Delays in collection or delivery, and diversion costs (if already in transit), may be incurred if payment terms are not adhered to.


1. e) Routes, Services and Trading
We reserve the right to use services and routings of our choice as circumstances dictate. Our quotes do not constitute an offer and we are not bound to enter into any particular contract on any particular terms. Quotes are only valid provided the Company continues to trade. If a POD (Proof of Delivery) is required you must inform us in advance, as an administration charge may be levied.


1. f) Currency Fluctuation
Where our quote states that it is based on a foreign currency such as US Dollars or Euros, we invoice according to the exchange rate applied by the Carriers on each sailing (hence the final charge may fluctuate). Foreign currency invoicing, or payment, can only be made with prior written agreement.

2. On extra-EC (and/or non-Trailer groupage) quotes, please read the following …
2. a) Customs Clearance
Our Quotes include HM Customs Clearance formalities and charges, unless elsewhere specified within the Quote. If there is more than one commodity, you will currently incur an extra £ 5.00 each on exports and £ 5.00 each on imports. Tariff codes and import duty details should be confirmed prior to shipment. In dealings with HMRC we act as ‘Direct Representative’ only.


2. b) Unique Consignment nr (UCN) charge
If more than 1 container unit is shipped on a single B/Lading, there is an additional UCN Clearance charge of £ 2.20 per each additional unit.


2. c) Import Duties and Taxes
Where applicable (i.e. on shipments outside of the EC), Government taxes such as Import Duty and VAT are payable immediately unless you have access to your own Duty Deferment facility. Use of our Deferment account (if available) normally incurs a charge of 1% of the total Duty/VAT subject to a minimum charge of £ 22.50. For UK Imports, full HMRC Import Duty rate is calculated on the Commercial Invoice Value + Freight. VAT is calculated on the resulting value + Duty + UK costs (i.e. final delivery from port to UK destination).


2. d) Use of Specific Lines and Services Contracted to us To ensure the validity of our quotation, it is essential we are informed of a freight booking prior to you (or your suppliers) shipping the order. Our quotes are based on using specific services. If the consignment ships without our knowledge, we cannot be held responsible when the ultimate charges differ from our original quote. Under such circumstances (where we are not informed of a movement prior to loading and the goods are not shipped under our direct control) then we reserve the right to refuse to handle the consignment. Please note that this document is regularly reviewed, and updates are posted to our web site at http://www.nsa.com/

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