High Risk Goods

Imports of certain non-animal origin products from outside the EU are deemed to be ‘high risk’.

High risk goods are those that could be hazardous to public and environmental health if they have not been produced/manufactured to the same standards as a product produced in the UK or EU.

For these high risk products, port health authorities have strict border controls to ensure that any imports of these consignments are accompanied by the correct documentation indicating they have been produced in accordance with regulatory standards. In some cases imports of certain high risk products may be banned either temporarily or long-term.

In most cases an original Heath Certificate for the goods will be required which is accompanied by a Common Entry Document (CED); this is produced in the UK before arrival and is then verified by the port health authority. 

A full list of products currently deemed to be high risk can be found using the link below:


For more information on regulations for high risk goods please speak our in-house Customs Clearance and Port Health department.