December Arrivals and Festive Timetable

We are approaching the time of the year that traditionally sees a spike in bookings ahead of the Christmas shut down period at the end of December.

Should you have any consignments that require delivery or connection with vessels prior to Christmas 2022, please can you pass us the details of these orders as soon as possible so that appropriate bookings can be secured and the vessel connections met.

Your operational handlers will keep you updated on the progress of your orders and advise the last loading days depending on the service you utilise with Neptune.

Delivery bookings will also be made in advance to ensure slots are secured ahead of any closures.

However, Neptune expect to see sustained high demand of bookings from now until after these holiday periods and, as winter approaches, port closures occur more frequently as weather conditions usually deteriorate. This could have an impact on transit times and the available slots for delivery leading up to this busy Christmas period.

Should you be looking to close and not accept deliveries during this Christmas period, please can you inform us of your closing dates so we can plan your shipments accordingly.

We remain fully operational over the Christmas and New Year period and are only scheduled to close on the national bank holidays and in the afternoon on Christmas and New Year’s Eve.

Neptune will ensure you are kept updated on the progress of your orders and shipment schedules, including transit times and prospective ETA’s, to make sure shipments do not arrive when deliveries are not being accepted if you choose to close at the end of December.