Organic Imports in the Event of a No Deal Brexit

The prospect of a no deal Brexit will have certain implications for imports of organic products.
When the UK leaves the EU, organic standards will remain the same and organic regulations will stay similar to that of the European Union.
Acceptance of organic products certified in the EU will remain at the discretion of UK Government. It has been indicated that imports from the EU won’t require organic checks at the point of import and they will not require a Certificate of Inspection (COI).
For imports from outside the EU, the UK will continue to recognise products from approved countries whilst they transition EU organic regulations into UK law.  
The UK will no longer have access to the TRACES-NT system which is used to generate the current organic COI. The current position is that there will be a grace period were COI’s produced on the TRACES-NT system are still accepted (at the UK’s discretion) until the new digital system for UK organic imports is put in place. There may also be an interim ‘manual’ system however more details of this are due to be published.
If the UK leaves the EU without a deal or equivalency agreement, this will also have implications to organic labelling and logos. More information on this can be found within the government guidance.
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