Polar Vortex in North America

North America is currently experiencing extreme low temperatures as a result of a polar vortex which is expected to last to the end of this week.
Temperatures are expected to drop as low as -30C, as a result many businesses in the affected area are closed and are likely to remain so until Thursday.

People are being advised not to leave their homes and to ensure that they have enough supplies to last this cold outbreak. Several States have declared a state of emergency and warnings have been issued with advice to look out for signs of hypothermia and frostbite.

Due to these conditions, truckers, rail operators and warehouses across Chicago and the surrounding areas will be non-operational, meaning that any scheduled collections over the coming days are unlikely to proceed.

It is likely that shipments from this region will be delayed as a result of these conditions. We will ensure you are updated should any of your consignments be impacted by this.

For more information on the US polar vortex, please see the below links:

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